The fourth train left from St. Joseph, Missouri. Before it was fully formed it was reported that this train contained 48 families, 108 men (60 of whom were young men), 323 persons, 410 oxen, 160 cows (16 of which were team cows), 143 young cattle, 54 horses, 11 mules, and 72 wagons. The number of horned cattle was 713. At the time of the census many men from adjoining counties were still expected.    The members of the St. Joseph train voted to call itself the "Independent Colony", and following military guidelines, elected Cornelius Gilliam as General and Michael Simmons as Colonel. The train was then divided into 4 parties, each led by its own Captain.
The Captains were:
  1. Robert Wilson Morrison(1811-1894): married 1831 to Nancy IRWIN,  was accompanied by wife, 6 children; had two large wagons; John Minto, a hired man with Morrison family, mentions Morrison family extensively in reminiscence (later married Martha Morrison); family settled Clatsop County
  2. William Shaw (1795-1888): married 1822 to Sarah GILLIAM; took care of Sager children after the death of their parents; accompanied Sager children to Whitman Mission before continuing on to The Dalles where they stayed until spring; on the journey Capt. Shaw had brought a small flock of sheep with the intention of using them for mutton along the way but they endured the trip and a dozen or more were brought into the valley; Shaw joined the July 1845 Simmons group which explored the south Puget Sound area for possible settlement; veteran of War of 1812; 1817 moved to Missouri, Captain in Cayuse War, 1850 elected to territorial legislature, farmer in Marion County; father of nine children. Buried Howell Prairie Cemetery, Salem
  3. Allen Saunders - California Company" led by Capt. Saunders
  4. Richard Woodcock - described as a border school teacher
See Reminiscence of 1844 by T.C. Shaw and Story of the Sager Family written by Sarah Kirk