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The Soroptimists Prepare Biographical Exhibit
Daily Olympian - August 20, 1972

A portable exhibit on the biography of the Black pioneer, George Bush, and the history of his family willl be created this fall and winter with funds obtained for the State Capitol Museum by Olympia Soroptimist Club  The club received a $5,000 grant from the state for this purpose.

Kenneth R. Hopkins, director of the museum, reported to Olympia Soroptimists recently that an internationally known Black artist, Jacob Lawrence, has been commissoned to illustrate the biography. He will produce one major painting, said Hopkins, and additional smaller painings and sketches, which together with text, photos and other material will tell the story of the Bush family.  The text will be written by Hopkins himself.

Hopkins said the schedule calls for sketches in October and finished work by January 1973.  Sketches prepared by Lawrence will be submitted to the Soroptimist Club for examination at one of its weekly meetings in October, the museum director said.

Total cost of the exhibit structure and its contents will be about $7,500: Soroptimist's $5,000 state grant plus a $2,500 federal grant.

The exhibit will be displayed first, said Hopkins, in the Legislative Building for the legislators.  Later it will tour by SESAME, the museum's traveling exhibit service, principally to libraries, schools, to small communities and to communitiy colleges.