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Frequently Asked Questions

about George Washington Bush

How and when was the old Bush farmhouse removed?

The house almost fell down. 
  • HERE is a news clipping
Was the old Bush farmhouse, built by Owen Bush, on the top of the hill in 1960?
  • HERE is another news clipping
Did the settlers to Tumwater in 1845 have any inflence on the placement of the Canadian-American border in 1846?

Many scholars are trying to resolve this question.
  • HERE are some views on this subject.
When George Bush arrived in Tumwater, did he and his family begin building their log house on Bush Prairie immediately?

A temporary house was built nearby by the entire party.
  • HERE are the details.
Bush was asked to care for the livestock when the party reached The Dalles, Oregon.  How did George Bush manage to cross the Columbia River with many cows, oxen, and horses?

John Minto travelled with George Bush from The Dalles, Oregon, to Washougal, Washington, in March 1845.  Mr. Minto left many notes now in the care of the Oregon Historical Society Library. 
  • HERE is the story.  
  • HERE is a map of the crossing.
Sapling or seed?  How did George Bush plant the Butternut  tree?

Paul Thomas, Iris White Heikell, Georgiana Blankenship and Lenore ZIontz
had differing views on the matter of pioneer plant propagation.
  • HERE are the details.
Was the prairie land south of Tumwater a natural prairie or was it manmade?

The Squaxin Island Tribe relied on Bush Prairie for growing camas bulbs.
  • HERE are the details.