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The Oregon Treaty of 1846

Did the settlement of Tumwater influence the Oregon boundary question?

Here are discussions related to the Oregon Question:

There was no one man who saved Oregon [for the USA].  If any persons saved Oregon, they were these immigrants from 1843 to and including 1846.

From Dr. McLoughlin: The Father of Oregon by Frederick Holman - 1907

McLoughlin was doubtless aware, no matter what official information he had received from the Hudson's Bay Company, that the claims of both countries to the territory of Oregon were based upon discovery, exploration and  settlement.  So far as discovery and exploration were concerned, the facts were already as well defined and established as they could be.  But settlement might strengthen the claim of either; it was in fact the influx of American settlers into the region that finally aroused Congress, and made the settlement of the boundary question imperative.

From  History of Washington - The Rise and Progress of an American State by Clinton Snowden - 1909